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Receivers & Displays

Ever since John Deere invented the world’s first yield mapping and automated guidance system, our industry-leading agricultural management solutions have revolutionised traditional farming practices and have gained farmers significant improvements in machine productivity, crop yield and quality, reduced cost of operation and operator comfort.

The StarFire 6000 Receiver

Accessing John Deere’s precision farming solutions starts with the new StarFire 6000 receiver. It features a new dynamic design, a theft protection device, better serviceability and most importantly, an embraced signal range. This gets you ready for work in the field quicker and gives you higher accuracy and even better signal stability.


The best entry-level signal is now even better. You profit from a +/- 15cm pass-to-pass accuracy, previously +/- 23cm. Free of charge and with GLONASS included.

The perfect starting point for tillage, grassland applications and harvesting:

+/- 15cm pass-to-pass accuracy
Multiple StarFire Tracking
No license fees
Terrain Compensation Module (TCM) in base model
GLONASS in base model



The new SF3 delivers stunning +/- 3cm pass-to-pass accuracy and 9 months in-season repeatability. Even better, the pull-in time is up to 4 times faster than with SF2. So you can spend more time working in field instead of waiting on the headland or compromising quality.

More accuracy. Ideal for seeding and planting:

+/- 3cm pass-to-pass accuracy
100% accuracy in less than 30 minutes
9 months in-season repeatability
Flexible licence periods
Easily upgradeable



If high precision farming is your business, RTK is still your best solution when it comes to accuracy, repeatability and pull-in time. RTK eliminates any possibility of Global Navigation Satellite System drift and offers you unique +/- 2.5cm pass-to-pass accuracy.

Mobile RTK Modem 4G LTE

A Mobile RTK correction signal is transmitted via cellular technology. This provides repeatable accuracy, even in scattered fields and in hilly terrain. The Mobile RTK Modem 4G LTE is fully integrated and attachable to the StarFire receiver. With two high performance antennas and the mounting position on the cab roof you have truly optimal reception and signal stability.

John Deere Mobile RTK Signal

Discover the most integrated, advanced and efficient way to use RTK. The new John Deere Mobile RTK signal is not only compatible with our mRTK 4G LTE Modem, but can also be received via our machines’ built-in JDLink system. This saves you the cost of seperate modem hardware, extra data plans (SIM-card) and the Mobile RTK Access licence.

Generation 4 Displays

Building upon the integrated Generation 4 CommandCenter, we now also offer the portable John Deere 4640 Universal Display as well as the Gen4 Extended Monitor. All Gen4 displays are easy and intuitive to use. They feature tablet-like swipe functionality with run pages and if needed can support you with on-screen and context based help functions. The user interface is fully customisable so you can perfectly suit the display layout to your preferences.

As your farming practices and needs evolve, you can easily upgrade the Generation 4 CommandCenter 4600 Display as well as the John Deere 4640 Universal Display at any time to the Gen4 Premium or Gen4 Ultimate activation, providing you all the sophisticated features it takes for modern farming. You have the choice to tailor the solution to your needs.


Standard Display Functions:

  • 26cm Touchscreen

  • ISOBUS – AEF certified

  • Remote Display Access Capable

Available Acitivations:

(Gen4 AutoTrac Activiation)

Gen4 Premium Activation:

  • Section Control
  • Documentation
  • AutoTrac Vision
  • AutoTrac RowSense
  • Wireless Data Transfer capable

Gen4 Ultimate Activation:

  • AutoTrac Turn Automation
  • AutoTrac Implement Guidance – Passive
  • In-field data sharing

Other Upgrade Activation’s:

  • Autotrac Implement Guidance – Active
  • iGrade


GreenStar 3 2630 Display

The full-colour GreenStar 3 2630 Display provides full monitoring and control over all the Agricultural Management Solutions you use in your John Deere machines. The robust 26cm touchscreen comes with advanced ISOBUS functionality and sets standards for convenience, clarity and efficiency.

Standard Functions:

  • 26cm Touchscreen
  • ISOBUS, AEF certified
  • Variable rate application
  • Documentation and mapping
  • Remote Display Access and Wireless Data Transfer capable

Available Upgrades:

  • AutoTrac
  • PivotPro
  • Section Control
  • AutoTrac Vision/RowSense
  • iTEC Pro
  • Active Implement Guidance
  • iSteer / iSteer Plough
  • Machine Sync

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