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Connected Farm Management

Mechanisation with animal power, and later, combustion engines, indisputably revolutionised traditional farming practices. The introduction of automated guidance and precision farming applications has likewise marked the third agricultural revolution.

The fourth agricultural revolution – Connected Farming or Agricultural 4.0 – is turning into full swing. Meanwhile John Deere machines in Europe benefit from connected FarmSight Services, all with one goal: we want to help you to produce even more, with less, to a superior quality. Ultimately, we want you to belong to those who farm most successfully.


Connect and Benefit

By connecting AutoTrac to the John Deere Operations Center, you can perfectly prepare your tasks during off-season to ensure efficient execution during peak season. Easily create, edit, delete display set-up data, like client/farm/field, boundaries, guidance lines and machine/implement off-sets in your personal Operations Center account. 

New field boundaries can be drawn online. A great help for first time field localisation, especially if contracting or when operating with seasonal employees. At the push of a button, all data is sent wirelessly to the machines you select eliminating the need for time-consuming and error-prone manual set-up on multiple displays in the field.

As you approach the next field, correlated client/farm/field data will automatically be detected. Upon confirmation, the boundary will be loaded and the preferred guidance line can be chosen from a pre-populated list. And last but not least, your display data is always backed up.

What you need:

  • John Deere Operations Center account
  • JDLink Connect
  • John Deere guidance system with GS3 2630 or Gen4 4640 display and activations

How you benefit:

  • Quick and easy in-field display set-up
  • Automated, reliable and error-free documentation
  • Automated data back-up


The Smart Way 

Always have your farm in your pocket: Easy to understand, integrated tools support you in agronomic decision making. 

Documentation data is automatically uploaded from your in-cab display to your personal Operations Center account. 

All operational details can be visualised easily, structured on a timeline. Anytime, anywhere, from any internet-capable device. 

View your mapping or compare different map layers (yield, dry matter, crop constituents, application rates, etc).

Having gained valuable agronomic insights you can make smart, fact-based decisions and more easily define corrective actions.

Intergrated tools enable you to turn this data into site-specific variable rate prescriptions.

What you need:

  • John Deere Operations Center account
  • JDLink Connect
  • John Deere guidance system with GS3 2630 or Gen4 4640 display and activations

How you benefit:

  • All information is in one centralised location, nicely structured and easily accessible.
  • Gain insights for smart, fact-based decisions.
  • Leverage numerous additional agronomic tools for further data processing and analysis.
  • Easy and fast data transfer with Wireless Data Transfer


Improve Efficiency  

If you farm with multiple machines and maybe even in multiple locations you will certainly appreciate having all recent operational information with you and accessible on mobile devices.

  • One one map you can get a complete overview of your fields and machines
  • You can visualise the current GPS position of any of your machines and track the location history
  • By setting up Geo fences you can create alerts in case any of your machines move out of certain areas
  • At any time you can look up machine settings and performance data remotely and even compare data across machines
  • Colored fields let you easily track if work had been completed on all fields or if any of them have been missed.

What you need:

  • John Deere Operations Center account
  • JDLink Access

How you benefit:

  • Get all your fleet data in one centralised location 
  • Improve machine operation through location and performance monitoring


Made Easy and Efficient  

With MyJobConnect you can better coordinate your employees and boost business productivity whilst minimising sources of error. MyJobConnect includes two apps do your smart device; MyJobsManager and MyJobs. Prepopulating and synchronising the data from your operations center account, planning a new job just takes a few clicks and ensures data is consistent and up to date. 

With MyJobsManager you can plan your jobs ahead digitally using an intuitive calendar view. if the schedule changes, you can simply drag and drop all details to make a new date. The dashboard view provides you with an executive summary of your daily operations, so you can easily monitor work progress and quickly identify areas that require special attention.

The MyJobs app provides your operators with a dedicated overview of the jobs they have to complete in the right order. All required details are on hand at all times without any paper flying around. This helps to reduce errors resulting from miscommunication and the need for follow-up calls. When the job is done, it just takes a few clicks to report. Since all data is recorded in the Operations center in real time, you can create a job summary report and process the date for further invoicing.

What you need:

  • John Deere Operations Center account
  • MyJobConnect Apps on mobile/tablet 

How you benefit:

  • Plan your jobs effectively to save time and reduce cost
  • Reduce miscommunication and ensure proper job execution
  • Minimise stress through reliable information exchange


Navigation System  

The MyLogistics App, which comes on top of the MyJobConnect Premium package, includes a navigation system and other logistics capabilities, specifically designed to meet agricultural needs. Not only are the secondary fields roads included but the app also considers road restrictions that might apply to your specific machine profile. With manual edits, you can also direct vehicles around e.g residential areas.

The app can also take you directly to the next field, in fact even to a specific field entry point. also, other points of interest can be added, such as sugar beet piles, grain or forage. With the exact field boundaries on board, you can always start work immediately, confident that you are in the right field.

If operating e.g. in a forage harvesting chain, you have your transport vehicles automatically navigate to the lead vehicle. It also moves on to the next field. Having the overview of everyone’s current position on the map, the lead vehicle can additionally see the fleet proximity and estimated time of arrival of the next transport vehicle. So the Operator can take informed decisions e.g. the best time to harvest irregular shaped parts of the field to improve overall work efficiency.

What you need:

  • John Deere Operations Center account
  • MyJobConnect Premium Apps on mobile/tablet 

How you benefit:

  • Avoid detours, costing you time and fuel
  • Improve harvesting chain efficiencies


With JDLink Connect, you get the best way to connect an operation.

  • Available as a renewable subscription 
  • Allows you to view critical and timely information about your machines
  • Data transfer options available using USB or wireless options
  • Provide remote support tools to keep your equipment running with maintenance alerts and remote diagnostics.

JDLink Connect also enables you to use tools like John Deere Operations Center and our mobile apps to keep an eye on your entire operation, from your office or on-the-go. You can analyze results and adjust to keep improving your operation and easily share data securely with your trusted advisors — like your dealer agronomist, seed salesman or accountant.

John Deere FarmSight gives you deeper insights into your business that were simply not possible until now. It enables individual remote monitoring of machines to ensure preventative maintenance, optimisation for fuel consumption and output performance, as well as giving you new, more detailed agronomic information for better decision-making.

John Deere FarmSight is available through a series of four service packages:

  • Performance – Monitoring of key performance indicators of individual machines to maximise productivity.
  • LogisticsMonitoring of multiple machines to optimise the efficiency of larger fleets.
  • AgronomicsHelp and advice on making more informed business decisions to improve productivity and profitability.
  • UptimeRemote monitoring and service support designed to maximise uptime of individual machines.

Our FarmSight and AMS Specialists are here to help you, inform you and ultimately improve your machines and business. 

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